The Cast of The Wedding Singer

Steven Smyth

his is Stevens first year with RDMS and we have enjoyed him being with us
Steven is playing Robbie Hart. The musical revolves around Robbie, who sings at weddings , his failed relationship with his former fiancée, and romance with new love, Julia

Sarah Moor

Sarah has been with RDMS a few years now with parts in woz and also Berta in Acorn antiques.
Sarah is playing Julia who is very sweet and innocent. She is a waitress who can’t wait to be married and life a happy married life.

Scott Hunter

TNext we have the wonderful Scott Hunter who plays Glen Guglia. This is Scott’s first year with the company and we are so glad to have him on board.

Glen is Julia’s fiancé, a calculating, money-loving Wall Street type.

lizzy jane O'Hare

Lizzie Jane who is playing the part of Holly. This is Lizzie’s first show with RDMS and we are overjoyed to have her join us for this fabulous production.

Holly is Julia’s cousin, very uninhibited and forward. Based on Madonna of the 80’s.

Connor Mitchell

Connor is playing Sammy. Who plays the guitar for the trio. Not terribly bright but means well and is very supportive. Sammy is a typical man’s man, ri star wannabe.

Stephen McShane

Shaney is playing George who plays the keyboard for the trio. A Boy George type and good friends to Robbie and Sammy. at's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Blythe Johnston

Blythe will be playing Linda, Robbie Harts trashy, oversexed girlfriend.

Blythe first joined RDMS 11 years ago at the age of 6 playing the part of Ngana in South Pacific. She has since played the lead role of Helene in RDMS’s “Sweet Charity” in 2017 as well as being in the chorus and dancers for many other shows.

Terri - Anne Mclean

Terri-Anne McLean playing Angie.
Annie is Julia’s mom who is divorced and still very bitter about it.

This is Terri- Anne’s first show with RDMS, she came along and joined us after taking part in our last cabaret. We all hope it’s the first of many shows with us

Irene Cook

meet Rosie; played by the lovely Irene Cook.

Rosie is Robbie Hart (The Wedding Singer’s) Grandmother. She’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy but totally loveable!

James Parvin

james is play a multi characture role as he is David a bum and a Mr T lookalike. This gives him a chance to play many aspects of his own charature.

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Wedding guests

Maureen Barclay, Sandra Cowie, Lorna Cuthbertson, June Dunn, Lesley Izatt, Terri - Anne McLean, Brenda Thompson, Morgan Black, Derek Bowman, Micheal Dunster, Mark Grieve, Martin Izatt, James Parvin, Matt McGarr, Craig Smith


Stacey Muirhead (Dance Captain), Bobbie - Jo Braisher, Fiona Cuthbert,

Maryn Grieve, Abbie Izatt, Blythe Johnston, Darcy Johnston,

Brodie Drummond

Production Team

Director & Choreographer                                   Yvonne Musgrave

Musical Director                                                     Mary Gilfillan

Pianist                                                                       Elain Shorthouse

Dance Captain                                                        Stacey Muirhead

Technical Imput                                                      Daid Tillier

Wardrobe Mistress                                                 Ida Hardie

Make Up & Hair                                                      Shona De rose, Jenifer Nelson (Silver Lily), Jenifer Austin

Scenery                                                                      Colin Baird, Stewart Hardwick, Martin Izatt

Prompt                                                                       Maureen Cook

Stage Manager                                                        Robbie Mitchell

Stage Crew                                                                Jim Dobie, Roy Melvin, John Oswald, Lynne Black, Sandra Johnston

                                                                                     Ellis Johnston

Spots                                                                           George Johnston, Kenny Black

Lighting                                                                     Yvonne Musgrave, Carly Barr

Sound & Video Wall                                                 Blue Parrot Productions

Props                                                                           Stewart Hardwick

Photographs                                                              Matt McGarr

Box Office & Front of House                                  Margaret Walker

Cover Design                                                            Sandra Johnston


Keyboard 1                                                                 Elaine Shorthouse

Keyboard 2                                                                 Neil Jones

Guitar 1                                                                       Mark Austin

Guitar 2                                                                      David Thomson

Reed 1                                                                          Ann Forbes

Reed 2                                                                         David Morrow

Trumpet                                                                      Alistair Neally

Drums                                                                          David Wilson

Percushion                                                                   Micheal McLaughlin

Bass                                                                              John Bushell

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